The Harry Heart Chrysalis – Ninety Six

The Harry Heart Chrysalis is the self styled project of Harry Heart, 21, hailing from Sydney, Australia. With a vocal reminiscent of the great Paolo Nutini, this singer-songwriter has the soulful edge so many other vocalists would make a deal with the devil himself for. However, would the devil prudently deliver such pipes though? Harry Heart can safely say that although his own vocal is in the similarly soulful range of Nutini’s – it does indeed shine through in so many other ways.

The Harry Heart Chrysalis

Soulful vocals and gleeful guitars are one thing, but what is truly great about The Harry Heart Chrysalis is his willingness to evolve into something greater than before.

Not to be a one trick pony, Heart can count on his gleeful guitar strumming, which, perhaps contravenes his soulful voice with it’s own special presence – reminiscent of Bombay Bicycle Club or perhaps the lesser-known Paul Thomas Saunders. Having previously released a 5 track EP (Bodensee and Other False Stories), Heart already has a plethora of ammunition in his well stocked musical arsenal. With most of the tracks traversing through the alt/acoustic field, his simplistic approach can be commended in this world of over produced radio fodder. The Glossary in particular sits well within the spectrum of agreeable vibes.

His latest release Ninety Six however, see’s Heart take on his most daunting task to date. Broadening his musical horizons. When a musician decides to encourage themselves to pursue more and exciting sounds, it can sometimes fall flat on it’s face. Not with Heart. A forward surge into the unknown, creating a pulsing, thriving energy which brings with it excitement, ecstasy and passion.

Ninety Six opens dramatically, harking back to the sounds of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Within this murky intro lies a riff that lifts abundantly until all is calm. The previously described vocals fall into the track and effortlessly play around with syllables (making lyrics almost inaudible) until Heart throws out the killer line “She keeps kissing all my rivals/She keeps fucking all my idols”. You now get a plausible idea of how strong of a writer we’re dealing with here.

Alluring us even further with a lyric-less chorus, those Godspeed You! Black Emperor vibes are back again, almost Foalslike in their deliverance. No more so is it evident that Heart can be the next revenant recreation of Math Rock and should he so choose, create a whole new genre by combining his prior acoustic efforts.

Having listened to Heart’s back catalogue, Ninety Six is a stark contrast and you’ll understand the palpable tension that he’s created. Ninety Six is most definitely a promising gift that lends itself so easily to the development of Heart’s music. We await the next EP.