Video Premiere: All The Colours – Where Did You Go?

Hump day, am I right? The working week is finally becoming bearable, plans for the weekend are starting to be made, life just seems to be that much easier. So to help make it even more so, indulge in the video premiere of Where Did You Go?, the woozy new single from Melbourne’s All The Colours!

All The Colours

Be prepared for the charming, nostalgic feels and sweet guitar vibes of Where Did You Go? from All The Colours, premiered today by Happy!

For those who may be unaware, the trio that is All The Colours are led by Josh Moriarty, who is best known as the front man for another popular group who go by the name of Miami Horror. But if you’re looking forward to cool summer synths and chilled out dance party jams you’ll be somewhat disappointed. However if you’re craving some sultry, bluesy, guitar riffin’, harmony makin’ bliss, then All The Colours are the band for you. Or maybe you’re super cool and have a wide range of tastes  in music, then you’ll like both. What I’m trying to say is that All The Colours are pretty darn great and are worth your time.

Lets just get to Where Did You Go? Songs about breakups or heartbreak are tough ones to crack. We’ve heard them all before. They’re either super cheesy and completely lacking in subtlety, or are fantastic works of art imbued with gut wrenching pain and truth. The title alone was enough to make this young writer uneasy as to what may come. However it was a welcome relief to find Where Did You Go to be falls closer towards the latter of the two types of heartbreak soundtracks.

Whilst the melancholy is so overabundant with it’s organ sounds, it maintains deceptively cheery elements in the surf rock vein with the  bright, delayed guitar and “Sha-la la-la laa” backing vocals. The track is ever so sultry in its melancholy. If you’re going to listen to a sad song without wanting to be made to feel sad, then Where Did You Go is right up your alley.

But lets just get to what you came here for, the video, and that is if you’re still reading. Shot up close as Josh Moriarty confesses his troubles to the camera, the film quality is altered to have that VHS home video feel, like we’re watching something from days gone by, so recent that it feels like yesterday yet still not within our grasp. This works well within the context of the song, the themes of nostalgia played up by the charming quality of the home video aesthetic.

Otherwise the video is a pretty standard one that follows the band travelling around a playing live. What is awesome in this video is the location it was shot in. Taking in the beautiful sights of Rancha De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California during what seems like an eternal sunset gives the video for Where Did You Go a slight romantic vibe.

If you’ve been lucky to nab tickets to NYE on The Hill be sure to check the guys out. Otherwise keep an eye on their socials for new music and shows.



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