Introducing: Ecca Vandal

In a world of ever diversifying sub-genres, it’s becoming harder and harder for an artist to produce music that remains true to their artistic vision, while resonating with as many listeners as possible. Ignoring international megastars RHCP, I can’t think of one artist with a body of work that tickles everyone’s fancy.

ecca vandal

Ecca Vandal’s debut single White Flag has grabbed people’s attention with its captivating concoction of punk, post punk, electronic grunge and pop elements!

Enter Ecca Vandal*, a South African born Sri Lankan with hip-hop swag, punk attitude and DIY inclinations, electronic complexity, pop energy and jazz tuition at the VCA. Her fustercluck of social and musical influence created the musical equivalent of a picnic bar – its got bits from everything but the sum of those parts is something totally unique… and damn delicious.

Vandal immediately began making waves after the recent release of her debut single White Flag. It’s a glorious amalgamation of her influences and a phenomenal earworm. Beginning like any punk classic, it quickly morphs into some kind of post pop meets electronic grunge fronted by a swagged up Skunk Anansie. The accompanying film clip is just as engaging, relying on lyrically relevant editing to breathe life into what would otherwise be a tired concept.

White Flag was already on high rotation on Triple J and after her video won the DISCO[V]ER competition, it also began a high rotation on Channel [V], even Rolling Stone has written an article on her! She has only released one song and people are excited…I’m really excited and I think I’ve worked out why.

I managed to accidentally see Ecca’s first gig last weekend and I was totally floored, not only by the talent and energy flying around onstage but also the complete honesty of her performance. Even though she opened for a bunch of seriously hardcore punk bands (High Tension, Clowns and The Peep Tempel), her set clearly resonated with the punk heavy crowd and I don’t think this was just because of her punk influences. It felt like she was performing her personality instead of just a bunch of songs inspired by her experiences, and it’s this musical honesty that makes her so freaking exciting!

With an album promised next year you can be sure that we’ll be hearing more from Ecca Vandal in the near future, and for the sake of all of us I hope it’s really really soon.

*Early Gwen Stefani anyone?