Introducing Cochlear Kill and their killer shoegaze-punk-rock!

Introducing: Cochlear Kill

It was a late night. I was in high school. My mate just got his license which was the most impressive thing to us high school kids. On his red P’s, we cruised suburbia like we owned it. Windows down, one hand in the wind, the other holding a cheeseburger from the 24/7 Maccas that we drove through. We blared tracks from the rickety DIY installed CD player in my friend’s 1991 Corolla and sometimes gave out, coasting the road. My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, The Cure. Anything with guitars, chorus and the air of teen emo and angst. If I had heard of Cochlear Kill during my teen-acne-face days, they would most definitely be in rotation.

cochlear kill

Cochlear Kill will take you down memory lane, but it won’t be like the usual hallucinogenic, dreamy daze you are used to – dark pop meets shoegaze trip.

Formed in Brisbane and based in Melbourne, these fellas are rocking it out with distorted guitars, ample effects and punk riffs. The duo of Mot and Ryan, create music dubbed as dreamy shogaze and hallucinogenic indie rock. These guys have plenty of pedals and effects to make up for some interesting sounds. Cochlear Kill sends you through a swell of sound delivering you into a steady wave of guitars ornamented by keys.

They’ve recently released a trio of tracks before their upcoming EP release. Insomni-Stations has a great groove and a catchy hook. Chilled tracks such as Fanfare For A Pipe Dream are slightly more vintage, showcasing mellow keys, ballad beats and decorative roaring guitars. Pseudoephedrine is also heaps interesting – starting dreamy, and then bringing into a jazzy guitar progression then launching you into overdrive as distortion and delay takes over. These boys have very unique instrumentation.

Have a listen and be taken back to those days where you were stressing out about the HSC, what university you wanted to go to and what you wanted to do for the rest of your life.



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