Timberwolf – It Burns

Timberwolf. Timberwolf. Does whatever a Timberwolf does. But what exactly does a Timberwolf actually do? Or more specifically what has twenty- three year old Adelaide folk artist Chris Panousakis and his self made Timberwolf music project been up to since our last Happyyyy recap?


Melting hearts with that husky voice, Timberwolf’s take on country-folk is highly melodical and is intensely brooding – It Burns is beautifully dangerous.

Making gains, obviously. Everything seems to be going ridiculously well for Panousakis in the Australian music scene. With his first EP Man and Moon of 2013 making it into the top ‘Hot Six’ in Rip It Up magazine, raking in a hella tonne of positive reviews from Triple J unearthed, as well as the success of his single Grace, Timberwolf has proven time and time again that he knows what he’s doing, and he’s doing it well.

Which is why the bar (and our hopes) are already set oh so high at the prospect of his new EP! Flux is due out in February of 2015 with his new single release It Burns debuting as of October this year. Exploding out of our speakers with a plethora of plucking banjo strings, hasty drums, and the resonate voice of Timberwolf floating somewhere above it all, this song is a definite success for Chris and co- creator of the upcoming EP, Mark Myers. Yes, Mark Myers of The Middle East, yes. Rejoice, yes.

Catchy and maybe even a little bit dangerous, the talent and experience of this duo combined are profound, even if it is all just rolled up into one little song it has gone a very long way without veering too far from the easy going folk- country we’ve all come to know and love about Timberwolf from past releases like Into The Cold and Grace.

Currently Timberwolf is officially planning for his travels from Adelaide to Sydney for his Live Sessions Tour, where he will eventually be topping it off with a sneaky slot in the Apollo Bay Music Festival. Set for around the end of February, Timberwolf will be playing along side familiar names like Kate Miller- Heidke, Dallas Crane, Lester the Fierce, and Everlast, to name a few.