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The Impersonators release their strongest track to date with Broken Snow

Since releasing their first single in 2017, Finnish duo The Impersonators have released a string of consistently great alternative pop-rock tracks that’ll leave you no choice but to pay attention.

Over the past year, the band have built their discography into one of the most impressive we’ve come across in recent time. Now, with the release of their new video for Broken Snow, the two-piece continue their streak of releasing impressive tunes.

On their endearing new track Broken Snow, Finnish two-piece The Impersonators navigate strong vocal hooks and textured instrumentation to deliver a song that’ll stick with you for weeks.

Made up of Tommi Tikka and Antti Autio, The Impersonators came together following the demise of Finnish band Carmen Gray in 2013, when Tikka – one half of the group’s songwriting team – joined forces with Autio to create new, original music.

Now having complete control over their sound, the duo breeze through effortlessly addictive vocal hooks and endearing lyricism to craft a song that you’ll struggle to rip your attention away from.

I still remember writing the melody and some of the lyrics without an instrument, lining up to the Eiffel Tower. This street vendor was trying to sell me (and the other folks lining up) necklaces that looked like disfigured snowflakes,” Tikka says of the track.

He kept asking “is your broken heart kind?” I don’t know what he meant by that but it got me thinking. It’s so easy to criticise others, to see what they are doing to you, but it’s very difficult to see what you are doing to other people. Basic human weakness I guess.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the video for Broken Snow above.


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September 24, 2018