The internet is exploding over the St Louis couple ‘defending’ their mansion from protestors

What a month this has been: the Black Lives Matter movement swept the globe, much needed cultural conversations surrounding race and representation were had, and society was finally held accountable.

What do we have to cap everything off? Personal injury trial lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey pointing guns at protestors from the lawn of their St Louis mansion. With such a cooked situation, the internet has done what the internet does best.

Photo: @xshularx

Keen to hear the most American headline out there? A St Louis couple have been photographed threatening passing protestors with guns, in an attempt to defend their gated community mansion.

The saga all began when St Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson decided to read out the names and addresses of Black Lives Matter protestors on Facebook Live. Understandably, people from across the world called for her resignation, with hundreds marching through the St Louis gated community on their way to her home.

Who was there waiting? Mark and Patricia, guns in hand and Karen energy on lock. Although the area is considered private property, witnesses claim that the scene was very peaceful, and no one approached the McCloskeys at any time.

But here’s the kicker; Patricia is a member of the Missouri Bar Association ethics-review panel, and Mark is currently representing a Black man assaulted by police last year. 

During the trial, Mark let the Associated Press know that he was “glad that the law enforcement agencies are subject to the same standard as everybody else”. 

Please enjoy the following gems to come out of the situation: