Twitter reaction to Port Macquarie council’s terrifying Christmas tree is priceless

Twitter has reacted after the local council of Port Macquarie Hastings unveiled a decidedly underwhelming Christmas tree.   

The NSW town held its annual Christmas Fair last Friday (December 2), and the festivities were initially met with much fanfare. The lighting of the Christmas tree was planned as the event’s highlight, however eager families were left disappointed when the curtain dropped on what can only be described as Santa’s nightmare. 

The unpruned tree is draped messily with LED lights, and the baubles are either too big or drastically misplaced on the branches. The spectacle was enough to draw a response from the Port Macquarie Hastings Mayor herself, who released a press statement on Monday. Peta Pinson cited issues with the tree itself, since it marked the first year that the council had erected a natural pine, as well as challenging weather. 

Port Macquarie Hastings Christmas tree   
Credit: Twitter

In our efforts to deliver something a little different this year by decorating our natural pine tree, the weather worked against us,” Pinson said. “At the all-important lighting ceremony on Friday, we all discovered at the same time that a number of lights had moved or failed to turn on… we were sad to see our inflatable baubles had deflated, much like our spirits when the tree was lit.” 

Pinson concluded her message by assuring locals that a new display would be erected by Christmas day, and thanked them for their participation in the “otherwise successful night.” However, Pine’s assurances weren’t enough to shield the tree from the wrath of Twitter, as the internet was set alight (pun intended) by an influx of hilarious reactions. Taking the community responses in its stride, the council poked fun at the tree over on Facebook. 

With everything our community has been through recently, we know everyone appreciates a good laugh,” the post read. “Let’s be real. Our poor tree does look like it was decorated by Santa after he’s whizzed around the world and had too many eggnogs.

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