The Killers return in 2021 with Phoebe Bridgers collaboration

The Killers make an exciting return in 2021 with a new collaboration featuring indie-rock icon Phoebe Bridgers.

The collaboration will feature on The Killers’ upcoming 7th studio album, Pressure Machine, scheduled for release on August 13th.

The track is called Runaway Horses, and was unveiled only today via social media along with the full song list for the album.

phoebe bridgers
Image: Los Angeles Times

The band wrote:

“11 days to go. 11 tracks on the record. Coincidence?”

Well, no. It’s a nice little pairing of numbers, but we know what’s up!

This comes a day after the band shared a teaser of harmonica music on Twitter, which you can preview below. Stevie Wonder, anyone?

Although the news is super exciting for fans all over the world, it’s a fairly obvious choice. Phoebe Bridgers has been known for doing ‘killer’ covers multiple times over the last few years.

In 2019, for example, she covered the band’s hit song Human – a whole ten years after it was released – with Better Oblivion Community Centre.

One year prior, she performed a cover of Read My Mind at several shows throughout the year, with her super talented live band.

Meanwhile, the new Killers album comes fairly quickly after their last release – 2020’s Imploding the Mirage.

And why’s that? It’s fairly obvious. Like most of us in lockdown, these energetic creatives have been BORED!

Frontman Brandon Flowers told NME in a recent interview:

“Everything came to this grinding halt. And it was the first time in a long time for me that I was faced with silence. And out of that silence this record began to bloom, full of songs that would have otherwise been too quiet and drowned out by the noise of typical Killers records.”

See the full tracklist below:

1. ‘West Hills’
2. ‘Quiet Town’
3. ‘Terrible Thing’
4. ‘Cody’
5. ‘Sleepwalker’
6. ‘Runaway Horses’ (featuring Phoebe Bridgers)
7. ‘In The Car Outside’
8. ‘In Another Life’
9. ‘Desperate Things’
10. ‘Pressure Machine’
11. ‘The Getting By’