The latest LABS instrument blends whalesong and granular synthesis

Spitfire Audio has recently released a new instrument based on whalesong as part of their free LABS line of plugins.

The virtual instrument features recordings of whales that have been transformed through granular synthesis to create complex and haunting textures.LABS Whalesong

Spitfire Audio has recently released a new free virtual instrument for its LABS line, based on field recordings taken from whalesong.

The sounds were commissioned by composer Jherek Bischoff and The National Theatre to create the score for a stage adaption of the Neil Gaiman novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Spitfire Audio is known for their stellar quality virtual instruments based on field recordings which capture the expressive nature of the instrument and the performer. They also come with an incredibly sleek and functional set of controls for ease-of-use.

The same quality is filtered down to the LABS line of free individual instruments, which has grown and grown throughout the years. Listening to Spitfire’s demos of the Granular Whalesong show that it is no exception.

While it’s easy to see how they would fit in a large score, the sounds have a lot of density and a rich organic texture (expected when you’re sampling a whale) which could be used for colossal ambient sounds in any production.

More info can be found on Spitfire Audio’s website or by watching their info video below.