Video Premiere: The Lulu Raes – The Way Life Runs

The Lulu Raes… the Lulu Raes… Where have I heard that name before? It just seems like such a familiar name, is it from a movie? A TV show? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Anyway, this mysteriously named band have shot us their awesome new video for us to premiere. It comes just in time for another cold weekend indoors, a period where we will need their unashamedly sunshiney indie pop vibes more than ever. Didn’t you know, guitar jangle has a higher energy unit per surface area ratio than any other element known to man? Scientists call it Brisbaneum.

We’re premiering the stop motion goodness of The Lulu Raes’ single The Way Life Runs.

What I love about this clip is the stop motion. It’s a patient art and the clip The Way Life Runs proves that the Lulu’s are some real patient mofos. Ignore the band playing in the stereotypical pop band location, forget the guy who shouldn’t be growing facial hair doing his best Noel Gallagher impression and… well don’t ignore the guitarist. He might be the most fried looking dude I think I’ve ever seen. He’s awesome. Shine on you crazy diamond!

The little characters are designed really nicely, the naturally bent bones and sticks are used expertly to create the faces (both human faces and typefaces) which really hooks you in and makes you want to keep watching. I know it’s kinda dumb to say, but the clip is reminiscent of that wonderful TV short Soup Opera. If you don’t remember Soup Opera, then you are wrong – follow this link or Google it and I guarantee your face will light up with nostalgia.

You can catch the infectious pop stylings of The Lulu Raes if you don’t use protection and practice safe listening. Also, you can see them play live at Brighton Up Bar‘s 2nd birthday alongside Cull, Mesa Cosa, The Ocean Party and many more on July the 7th. Get in when doors open at 7 pm because this show is gonna pack out fast.