The Meeck runs us through each track of his new album Image And Egos

It’s been a few weeks now since we first wrapped our ears around Image And Egos, the latest album from The Meeck. But for that entire time, we’ve barely stopped listening. The album is rich with layered lyricism, blending well-thought-out concepts with textured instrumentation.

So we decided to dive a little deeper into all the album’s themes. Here’s The Meeck himself running you through the concepts and ideas behind each track on is new album.

Want to dig a little deeper on The Meeck’s new album, Image And Egos? Here’s a complete track-by-track run-down from the artist himself.

Image And Egos

Image and Egos was written one night after going to a gig where I overheard some other local musicians sitting in the audience belittling the quality of the act we had all come to see. I thought about how those people’s words could have really impacted the singer’s confidence and belief in herself and craft, if she had overheard them. It made me reflect on how important it was to not allow other people’s opinions and expectations of us to dictate what we believe we can and can’t achieve. The start of the writing process for Image and Egos was on the drive home, when the lyrics “Your image and egos fill up this room I can’t breath” suddenly popped into my head, becoming the first song I wrote for this album, as well as becoming a reference point for what I wanted to write about on this collection of songs.

Long road

No matter what you’re wanting to do in life, I believe it’s really important to surround yourself with people that’ll be there to see you through your successes as well as your failures, wanting you to be your very best self. Long Road was written as a thank you to the amazing people and their support that I’m grateful to have in my life.

Mirror image

Mirror Image is about working through the inner conflict to conform to the norm, buy a house, have kids, get married and have a 9-5 job. Writing Mirror Image really helped me get my thoughts out and come to some rational thinking of not living up to what others view as a fulfilled life.

Morning blue

Anyone living with a mental illness such as depression and/or anxiety will know that every day can come with its own challenges and unpredictability. I wrote Morning Blue from the perspective of thinking of mental illness as a person your in a toxic relationship with, always manipulating and wanting to have control over you. In the second half of the song, I wanted the music to change to having an uplifting pop tone as a reference to the fact that someone can appear happy on the outside but underneath be struggling invisibly.


I was finding myself in social interactions with people that would dominate conversations, disregarding anyone’s opinions that conflicted with their own as wrong and/or uneducated. Mute was written about the inner fear of standing up for and voicing your own thoughts, stepping away from the “pack”. Musically I wanted to challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone, putting down the guitar and creating all the music electronically.

A Little While

A Little While was written at a time when I was struggling with my mental health but was also feeling guilty for constantly relying on my family and close friends for support.


Trying to wrap my head around a friend’s untimely death through suicide resulted in me writing Surface. I watched how everyone grieved in different ways, but all had the same thoughts of looking back to any clues of how they could have possibly prevented it from happening. This inspired me to write the lyrics as the conversation nobody got to have, talking through the grieving process and aftermath of a very tragic death.

Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide was written about the unpredictability of starting a new relationship, how it teaches you about different life experiences and shapes your individual sense of self.

Sinning On a Sunday

I had a friend that was dying from a combination of illness and one night I got a call to come visit him and say goodbye. When I got to his parent’s house his daughter opened the door and let me in.
I watched as she joked and talked with her dad as if it was any other day, she didn’t show him any of the sadness I’m sure she was feeling. Sinning on a Sunday was written after my friend’s death and was about the strength his daughter showed, while having to question and face the tragedy of losing her dad.


Harder was written about the two choices you face when life throws you a curveball; either give up or keep on fighting through. I was inspired to write Harder out of admiration for people I knew who were struggling with a variety of challenges but kept on searching on a daily basis to find the inner strength to not be defeated.

Met With Silent Fears

From time to time you meet people who don’t have your best interests in mind. Met With Silent Fears was written about acknowledging when someone is trying to bring you down, seeing it as a reflection of their own insecurities and making sure you do everything you can to remove their negative influence on your aspirations and life.

Image And Egos is available now. Listen above.