The nation mourns after a bunch of kids burn down the Big Brother mansion

A major Australian landmark was burned down in the Gold Coast over the weekend. The nation’s beloved Big Brother Mansion was tragically burnt down in the blaze sparked by a group of young hooligans.

Rescue crews tried desperately to put out the fires but it was too late, all that remains of the Big Brother mansion is our distant, fond memories.

The nation mourns as the beloved Big Brother Mansion was destroyed in a blaze lit by a group of four young criminals on the weekend

Queensland Police located and arrested six kids at the scene, aged between 9 and 15, an eyewitness told myGC that “one teen got absolutely tackled by roughly four police officers.” Must have been one huge teenager.

The two nine-year-olds were released after assisting the police with information, leaving four remaining adolescents, aged 11-15, to be “dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.”

The destruction of the monument comes just weeks after a YouTuber uploaded a video of the dilapidated set. The footage, which showed the vandalised house in a state of severe disrepair, was shared over social media and viewed over 31,000 times. Reminding Australians just how important this piece of real estate is, with a widespread push for it to become a world heritage site.

Unfortunately, the arsonists’ plan to destroy the mansion succeeded and the fires ravaged all that remained of Australia’s national treasure. RIP Big Brother Mansion, may it live on forever in our hearts.