Rihanna displays her Fenty collection on body-diverse mannequins

Rihanna, the queen of inclusivity, debuted her first Fenty clothing collection at a pop-up in New York last week. People not only took notice of the clothes, but the mannequins wearing them.

These mannequins weren’t the usual tiny, unrealistic 24-inch-waist figures displayed at regular retail stores, they had curves.

People are praising Rihanna’s use of curvy mannequins at her New York pop-up for her Fenty clothing collection.

Rihanna is continuing to switch things up in the fashion and beauty industries with her Fenty releases that highlight the importance of better representation of women’s diversity.

First, she curated a makeup line with 40 different shades of foundation, catering to the darkest of skin tones that major brands don’t. Then she designed a plus-size inclusive lingerie line, and now she’s showcased her new clothing line on diverse mannequins.

“Rihanna’s vision for FENTY is to celebrate femininity in all its form,” the brand has stated. “This Release 6-19 explores another facet of a woman’s wardrobe, one that honors all colors, shapes, curves and styles. We wanted to illustrate the Maison’s inclusive side by showing a size-range of mannequins which represent this reality.”

Fans were thrilled to see the relatable mannequins, thanking the Fenty brand for allowing a more realistic view of what the clothes will look like.

Taking to Twitter to express their gratitude for the brand’s inclusivity of different body types, one fan said “i….think i look like a fenty mannequin??? dysmorphia has left the chat”, while another stating “Holy Shit! A mannequin with hip dips like me! First time I’ve ever seen this… fenty ruling the world.”