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The oldest record store in the world just banned Morrissey

The oldest record store in the world has now banned all of Morrissey’s releases due to his controversial political beliefs.

As a result of Morrissey’s support of a right-wing extremist party, Spillers Records in Cardiff Wales made the decision to no longer carry his music.

morrissey oldest record store

The store was established in 1894 and is the city’s main spot for purchasing concert tickets and hosting artist signings and in-store gigs.

I’m saddened but ultimately not surprised that Spillers is unable to stock Morrissey’s releases any longer,” record store owner Ashli Todd told Wales OnlineI only wished I’d done it sooner”.

The former Smiths frontman has recently appeared on a The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon wearing a pin badge bearing the logo of For Britain, a political party founded by anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters. He was also seen wearing the pin during his New York Residency.

His support for the party was first reported in 2018 when Morrissey expressed his political views in an interview.


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May 24, 2019