The Piano Man returns: a Billy Joel TV show is in the works

The Piano Man returns: a Billy Joel TV show is in the works

We all love a juicy music biopic don’t we? Fans of American singer-songwriter Billy Joel will be excited to hear that a new TV series based on Joel’s songs is currently in production.  

The series, titled Scenes from an Italian Restaurant (after his lengthy love ballad), will be delving deeper into the dynamic lyricism of Joel’s songs, seeking to paint the picture behind them.

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Photo: Michael Putland/Getty Images

The television series will explore the stories upon which Billy Joel based his songs, taking a closer look at the people who inspired them.

Each episode will focus on specific songs including favourites like The Piano Man and Uptown Girl, seeking to create visual breakdowns of the narratives which have inspired the tracks, featuring characters from the songs themselves.

Little is known about the series’ narrative or who will be starring in it, but it’s likely we’ll be shown through Joel’s songwriting origins in The Bronx of New York City and his battle with severe mental health issues. Considering Joel’s close affiliations with Elton John, it’s possible we may see a feature of the Rocket Man whose own biopic film stole the hearts of so many Elton fans earlier this year.

For anyone who has seen snippets of his live performance on Storytellers and wanted more, the show will certainly be filling the gaps in Billy’s lengthy musical career. Direction and production roles for the show will reportedly be receiving direct input from the man himself.