The Pink Dust’s new single Hello is contemplative and powerful

Taking a different approach with their new single Hello, American duo The Pink Dust prove their softer-sounding side is just as brilliant, with mellow guitars and rolling electric drum beats situated comfortably underneath the clear vocals of Cliff Littlefield.

The indie-rock band have produced a diverse spread of musical creations since starting the band in 2014, ranging from soft rock, psychedelia and pop jams. Hello, however, almost sounds like an ode to Simon and Garfunkel; with powerful lyricism paired with simplistic melodies alongside that classic American folk sound.

American duo The Pink Dust have unveiled their new single Hello, showing off their softer, more contemplative side with an endearing acoustic sound.

The kinetic energy of Hello is maintained through a soft repetitive thump, and although the song revolves around the main themes of friendship and love, the overall aura is generally melancholic.

The lyrics are intimate and powerful, evoking a sense of old friendships that seem to be timeless.

“When it comes down to you, I’ll be there through and through. When it comes down to me, you’ll be there after all the enemies.” 

The Pink Dust have been going strong since their conception, with both Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and Cliff Littlefield established musicians with infectious passion. Their unique friendship has allowed them to produce three albums in four years, and Hello is definitely a taste of what’s to come with their Flamingo EP.

Stream their new song on Soundcloud above.