The port of Beirut is on fire again only weeks after devastating explosion

A second fire at the port of Beirut has left the city on edge following last month’s explosion which left more than 190 dead and 6,500 injured.

Just over a month after the massive explosion that rocked Beirut, the city’s port is once again on fire.

According to the ABC, parts of the city have once again been immersed in smoke after the fire broke out in the duty-free zone of the port on Thursday.

beirut blast fire
Photo: EPA

With the trauma of last month’s explosion still fresh, the fire has forced many residents to once again leave their homes. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported and most of the fire has now been extinguished; however, plumes of smoke can still be seen. Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud has advised residents to avoid the area “for their safety”. 

It comes as the country is crippled by a major economic crisis and a lack of confidence towards its government who have been accused of long-term corruption and mismanagement.

For an explainer on what’s currently going on in Lebanon, watch our video below.