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Get around these photos of The Ramones during their wild early years

Danny Fields is someone you may not know of – but you definitely should… he’s the guy who discovered The Ramones and spent the following five years of his life managing and photographing the band.

Fields spent most of the 60’s hanging around Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground, and in 1975, The Ramones convinced him to come watch them play at CBGB’s.

Iconic manager/photographer Danny Fields is re-releasing a photo-book documenting The Ramones’ wild early years.

During his time as the band’s manager, Fields collected an insane collection of photos, documenting the band’s early years.

In 2016, these photographs were released as a limited edition photo-book, which is now set to be re-published with a wide release.

In an interview with Vice, Fields explains the tumultuous relationship that existed between the band’s members:

They were never on really good terms—they all hated each other. They were different and they fought,” he says.

They would be inside and you could hear Johnny punching Dee Dee and slamming him across the room because he missed the opening by a 64th of a second or something.”

Grab a copy of the new photo-book here, and check out some pics below:


Via Vice.


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April 24, 2018