The release of the new James Bond film ‘No Time To Die’ has been delayed due to coronavirus

Turns out that not even James Bond can beat coronavirus, with the announcement that the latest film in the franchise will not be released until later in the year. The newest Bond film No Time To Die was set to be premiered in just a month, but due to risks arising from the spread of the coronavirus, we won’t be getting our Bond fix anytime soon.

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Not even Bond can beat coronavirus: the latest Bond film won’t be released until November due to coronavirus containment concerns.

We won’t be seeing the new film until November, despite the initial date for the release being set for early April. “After careful consideration and thorough evaluation of the global theatrical marketplace.” Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time To Die will be headlined by frontman Daniel Craig in his final stint as the star of the franchise, following his success in the previous five 007 films.

Amongst coronavirus containment concerns, the film industry has suffered immensely. Medical experts have warned that one of the major preventative strategies for averting the spread of the disease is to avoid mass human congregation in crowded places. The Chinese market is particularly familiar with the impact of the virus epidemic, with China deciding to close all 70,000 of its film theatres after the death of over 26 people. The impact of such has been monumental – ticket sales from January 24 to February 23 this year were a paltry $4.2 million, compared to $1.76 billion in 2019 during the same time period.

So, although we won’t be getting a dose of the newest Bond film just yet, in the meantime you can keep yourself preoccupied with the movie soundtrack below, with Billie Eilish taking on theme song duties this time around.