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The Slagwerk-101 is a sculpture that brings classic drum machines to life

You might not have heard of Love Hultén, but the Sweden-based designer has an impressive slate of projects ranging from video games to analog synthesisers. But it seems like he might have topped them all with the Slagwerk-101.

We’ve previously taken a look at his Carrier37, a mod for the KORG Minilogue, but Hultén’s latest project is sure to get some heads bopping. Slagwerk-101 combines acoustic drums with MIDI-controlled solenoids for a unique audiovisual experience.Love Hultén

Slagwerk-101 is the latest piece from Sweden-based designer Love Hultén: take a look at how it translates electronic drum samples into a visual experience.

Slagwerk-101 is a percussive sculpture consisting of a series of cabinets installed with a range of drums, cymbals, and other percussive instruments. Each cabinet has a front-mounted electromagnetic solenoid, outfitted with a drum stick. The solenoids are triggered by a MIDI-to-voltage conversion, and the sculpture comes to life.

Drum patterns can be programmed through a DAW and then sent out to the array for visual replication. The focus of the sculpture seems to be adding a visual element to sampled sounds, rather than creating an acoustic performance. Hultén’s demonstration of Slagwerk-101 runs the sculpture through various different programs, including the famed Roland TR-808.

The cabinets can be arranged in any configuration to best fit the space they’re in. A creative visual use of acoustic instruments, Slagwerk-101 looks like it will add some tactile flair to electronic sets.

For a closer look at Slagwerk-101, and to check out the rest of his work, head to Love Hulten’s website.