Ride the waves with The Sooks’ latest single ‘Burn Me Out’

Get ready to ride the waves of The Sooks’ latest single, ‘Burn Me Out’, as the band delivers a raw and energetic track that’s bound to get you moving.

In their latest single, ‘Burn Me Out’, Western Sydney’s The Sooks offer the spirit of surf rock vibes with a raw, garage-rock energy and post-punk edge to their already irresistibly cool and angular indie rock grooves.

With their signature blend of jangly guitars, propulsive rhythms, ‘Burn Me Out’ is a dynamic sonic cocktail that’s equal parts retro and modern.

Sooks photo

With its driving rhythm and punchy guitar riffs, ‘Burn Me Out’ is a high-energy track that’s bound to get crowds singing and dancing along.

The band showcases a remarkable level of self-awareness and honesty in their songwriting, tackling themes of alienation and frustration with a raw and authentic approach.

Burn Me Out’ explores the feeling of being alienated from the things around you, being disconnected from the world and feeling like time is passing by when you are stood still. We all get that kind of feeling of being burnt out by something or someone, and this song is sort of a tribute to that universal frustration.” The Sooks

The explosive chorus is particularly catchy, showcasing the band’s knack for crafting memorable hooks. Recorded at Sonar Studios in Sydney and produced by the talented Jack Nigro, the track is a testament to The Sooks’ creative prowess.

“After realizing that we had studio time booked in, we thought it would be a good idea to write a single a few days beforehand haha. So we sat with acoustic guitars and put the song together in like 20 minutes from scratch, lyrics and everything.

We were heaps thrilled to be tracking up in Sonar Studios in Tuggerah with Jack Nigro, we like his work and so we knew that the song would come together just fine. After a long day of tracking all the instruments, we waited for Jack to work his magic in the mixing studio and the song was done.” The Sooks

But beyond the music itself, it’s the band’s ability to tap into universal emotions and experiences that makes ‘Burn Me Out’ so compelling. As they explain, the song is an exploration of feeling disconnected from the world and stuck in a rut. It’s a sentiment that many of us can relate to, and The Sooks capture it with a sense of authenticity and empathy.

Overall, ‘Burn Me Out’ is a fantastic addition to The Sooks’ discography, showcasing the band’s versatility and talent.  Catch them tonight at Happys own NITH party and alongside the release of ‘Burn Me Out’, The Sooks will be blessing Sydney with a launch show at Waywards, Newtown with supports of Grxce and Pseudoclub on Friday May 5th.

They’re sure to win over even more fans with their electrifying live performances. Catch them if you can – these guys are definitely ones to watch. Purchase here.