The Stone Apes are winning hearts with their new single, 'Waste My Time'

The Stone Apes are winning hearts with their new single, ‘Waste My Time’

You wont be wasting your time listening to the infectious new single from The Stone Apes, but you will be singing along.

Hailing from the historic Queensland town of Capricornia, The Stone Apes will put you into relax mode with their cruisy new single Waste My Time.

If you’re one to say “por qué no los dos?” to a bit of red hot indie and stadium rock, then you can bet your bottom dollar you’re going to love the blend of both stirred up by this quickly emerging five-piece.

The Stone Apes

The Stone Apes perfectly balance tropical guitar riffs with a hard-hitting rhythm section, topped off with searching vocals that simmer nicely atop of clever instrumentation.

The beginnings of The Stone Apes can be tracked back to the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic, when brothers Jye and Graydon Kennedy started to write and record music in their parents’ caravan to pass the time.

To grow their sound, the duo brought in some of their closest mates, Nick Hooper (drums), Ben Thistlethwaite (bass), and Jeremy Titmarsh (guitar), and the rest, as they say, is history.

Given their musical prowess, it’s no surprise that the group have already toured in support of Wolfmother, Thirsty Merc, Pacific Avenue, Bugs, and Bootleg Rascal. Now, they’re gearing up to sun punters at a run of upcoming festivals.

Check out The Stone Apes’ new single, Waste My Time below.