The Sugarland Express remind us of life’s serenity on beach-ready new single ‘It’s Alright’

All aboard: Sydney duo The Sugarland Express say their new track It’s Alright is about “enjoy[ing] the life around and within you.” 

The Sugarland Express have released It’s Alright, marking the Sydney duo’s third — and perhaps sunniest — single to date. Flanked with tinkling keys and meandering guitar strums, It’s Alright evokes every bit of serene nonchalance that its title suggests, complete with doo-wop-like harmonies and a bird chirp outro. Speaking of It’s Alright, The Sugarland Express — comprised of Alex Carlo-Stella and Liam Robson — said the track is about “enjoy[ing] the life around and within you.” 

The message of the song is to not get hung up about things that don’t really matter, and to focus on being present… life can be crazy sometimes and confusing, but time passes and in the end, it’ll be alright.”

The accompanying video, self-directed by the pair, sees Carlo-Stella and Robson meander through sun-lit, leafy retreats, playing waterside guitar sequences and singing to sleepy ducks. 

The Sugarland Express press pic
Credit: Instagram/ Monique B

With a borrowed super 8 camera and a cool location we found near the shire, Liam and I quickly shot through 3 and a half rolls of film,” Carlo-Stella said of the music video shoot. “The next day I drove to Fagan park, used up the rest of our film and sent it off to be developed.”

Both the clip and It’s Alright were created in-house by The Sugarland Express, aligning with the duo’s string of DIY-meets-expertly produced singles of late. 

The Sugarland Express press photo
Credit: Instagram/ Monique B

The sugary nostalgia of It’s Alright marks a continuation of The Sugarland Express’ sound, having released two additional singles since 2021. The duo’s sophomore single, Party!, arrived last year, with a tune reminiscent of a 60s commercial jingle and the titular instruction to “come join the party.”

Prior to that, the pair released their debut track What’s the Matter (With the Music) in 2021. With a beach-bound catalogue to their name and contemporaries in the likes of Babe Rainbow and The Beach Boys, it’s all aboard The Sugarland Express from here on out. Listen to It’s Alright below, and stay tuned for more releases from the Sydney duo soon.