Sydney duo, The Sugarland Express, release sunshine-psychedelic debut

Rainbow swirl, The Sugarland Express, catapult into the sonic stratosphere with their debut single, What’s the Matter (With the Music). 

Straight from the Emerald City Sydney comes The Sugarland Express, the swirly gumdrops that we didn’t know we needed.

The colour-dripping duo (Alex Carlo-Stella and Liam Robson) kick off their debut with, What’s the Matter (With the Music), and accompanying visuals that beam with the golden light of a lost time.

The Sugarland Express
Photograph by Monique Barberis-Leon (@monibarbs)

The track oozes with a sense of retro nostalgia – it sparks a psychedelic vein of a simpler time – so clearly that you can almost feel the needle slide around the grooves of a record.

The visuals are a hypnotic gobstopper of Super-8 flashes (filmed by Kat Silverosa) – playing with xylophones, mirrors and googly eyes, plunging into another dimension.

Carlo-Stella and Robson boogie with infectious joy, flying kites and drumming with vibrant energy that sticks like a magnet.

What’s the Matter (With the Music) explores a genuine love for a bygone era as Carlo-Stella echoes;

“What’s the matter with the music baby, I don’t know/ climb a ladder of political matter, I won’t go”.  The track is layered with an intricate fizzle of harmonies, synths and a tune that flies along the indie rocket of Babe Rainbow.

As the lyrics beam; “I can almost taste it, The start of a revolution”, we can taste it too – and it’s a sweet, sugar-bursting whiz-fizz of flavour, leaving you craving more.

The Sugarland Express have catapulted off the tracks and entered a wonka world of nostalgia and colour – all we can do is hold on tight as the duo effortlessly pull us into a galaxy of the psychedelic renaissance.

Hop on The Sugarland Express’ debut, What’s the Matter (With the Music) below: