The Wattles deliver indie euphoria on ‘Bits & Pieces’

There’s something immediately spellbinding about the music of The Wattles. Over the past number of years, the Sydney duo (formerly known as James & Lucy) have carved out a sound that’s rich and endearing. But now, they’ve made the conscious decision to expand on that sound, launching a new phase in their musical careers: this is what birthed The Wattles.

With the release of their new single Bits & Pieces, the band have established the evolution of their sound — it feels simultaneously grounded and far-reaching; rooted in an earnest kind of folk and stretching towards some kind of sonic euphoria. If you’re not already across this group, now’s the perfect time to change that.

On their new single Bits & Pieces, Sydney-based outfit The Wattles craft a slow-burning and euphoric slice of indie-pop brilliance.

All throughout the new single, The Wattles glide through a hypnotic concoction of pop, folk, and indie-rock, delivering something uniquely their own. With warm vocal melodies and spirited instrumental arrangements, the track possesses a truly magical quality. It’s the kind of song that lifts you out of your set, into a subtle state of exultation.

While the song does undeniably possess heavenly qualities, the band never force these elements into over-the-top territories. Everything here feels measured. The result is a track that will consume you completely.

These still may be early days in this new phase of The Wattles career, but judging by what we’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Bits & Pieces above.