Fire up your dad’s shitbox, The White Stripes’ first 3 albums are coming to cassette

It may have been an entire decade since we heard new music from The White Stripes, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to stop punching out vinyl reissues, rare cuts and other nuggets of gold from the archives.

Now, they’re even jumping on the cassette train.

the white stripes cassette cassettes white blood cells de stijl

Still have a cassette player lying around? Firstly, we’re impressed. Secondly, now you can enjoy some vintage tracks from The White Stripes.

Released through Jack White’s own imprint Third Man Records, the cassettes will be available as a part of Cassette Store Day 2017 in the US. Meaning they’ll be pretty tough to track down in Australia.

The release includes tapes of The White StripesWhite Blood Cells and De Stijl, the first three long-players from The White Stripes released in 1999, 2000 and 2001 respectively.

Find a full list of participating stores here. Or you know, check out eBay in a week’s time.

And if you’re in for a laugh, check out Jack and Meg’s first ever Amazon review.

Via Third Man Records.