Conan O’Brien recalls the time he thought The White Stripes would ruin his final Late Night Show

How blindly would you trust Jack White and The White Stripes if they were appearing on your last broadcast ever? Even Conan O’Brien had his reservations at one point.

God damn, do I love me some White Stripes.

As we seemingly tread further and further away from the possibility of the band ever releasing new material, I’m at least glad that we’ve been spoiled with all sorts of behind-the-scenes juice, reissues and other tidbits.

But I think this may be my favourite. It’s a story told by Conan O’Brien about having Meg and Jack White onto the very last episode of his Late Night Show to play We’re Going To Be Friends, and the pre-show antics which had him shaking in his boots.

As Conan’s last Late Night Show was approaching, he was ruminating on who to book as a musical guest. Being his last show for the network, he realised he “was like a guy who was going to be executed”. Put simply, he could ask for anything.

So he asked for The White Stripes and We’re Going To Be Friends. But when it came to rehearsal time, he started to panic a little… hear the story below.

And here’s the performance with Meg on guitar:

We’re Going To Be Friends will shortly be adapted into a children’s book by Third Man Records. Check out the details here.