The world's last Blockbuster has now been turned into a '90s-themed Airbnb

The world’s last Blockbuster has now been turned into a ’90s-themed Airbnb

The last remaining blockbuster, located in Bend, Oregon, has now been transformed into a dreamy Airbnb that will fulfil all your nostalgic childhood slumber party dreams.

The space, dubbed the “End of Summer Sleepover”, has been listed on Airbnb as a fully-functioning living room resort, complete with a pull-out couch, a TV, *all the snacks*, and unlimited access to the store’s full catalogue.


For three nights only, the world’s last Blockbuster will be transformed into the ’90s sleepover location of your dreams.

Owner of the last remaining Blockbuster, Sandi Harding, knew something needed to change when she experienced a dramatic drop in customers since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Thus, the process of transforming the store into an “ode to movie magic” started.

The listing, exclusively available to Deschutes County’s lucky 197,692 residents, makes it clear that the three lucky parties (limited to four people each), will have access to the whole store, with the freedom to blast music and play any video game or movie they’d like for just $4 per night. What a steal.

Booking requests for the venue are set to go live on August 17, for three separate dates in September.

If only international travel was still a thing.