There’s A Tuesday talk ‘Bus Stop’, hometown memories, and future sounds

Indie NZ act There’s A Tuesday melted hearts on latest track, Bus Stop. We talked lyrics and the fun-loving video behind it.

There’s A Tuesday is a loveable bunch of talented song crafters from New Zealand, comprised of Natalie and Minnie (vocalists), plus Angus and Joel (rhythm section). They catapulted onto the indie-pop scene after winning Smokefree Rockquest in 2019, signing to Benee’s label (Olive Records) shortly thereafter.

Known for their beautiful harmonies, tight-knit rhythms, and warm soundscapes, we couldn’t wait to chat about their newest offering, Bus Stop. Inspired by the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Julia Jacklin, this is a track that’s easy to listen to, but hard to forget.

There's A Tuesday

HAPPY: You guys describe the single as exploring the ‘right person, wrong time’ situation. Why do you think this is such a common occurrence?

THERE’S A TUESDAY: We’re no relationship philosophers but sometimes things just may not be working in a relationship/friendship for reasons that seem too complex to work through. We think that sometimes doing that mahi can be so worth it. It can be hard to do what’s right for yourself and someone else too. Kind of all a bit tricky isn’t it!

HAPPY: I love the observation “you’re way too honest, to break your promise”. Any advice for those still in love who “can’t stop” when they’ve “already started”?

THERE’S A TUESDAY: Again, we are totally no relationship experts but having faith that things will get better, whether that’s within the relationship or within yourself, is so important. Taking care of yourself, always.

HAPPY: It looks like you four are having way too much fun vibing about in the film clip! Could you tell us more about the significance of that hometown bus stop? What were the reasons behind filming there?

THERE’S A TUESDAY: We definitely were having way too much fun haha! We all have grown up taking the bus in Christchurch around the place and out to each other’s houses. There’s something about sitting on the bus, listening to music, and feeling all excited to see your friends. That’s probably what made it so significant for us. It was just something we really enjoy but filmed on camera! It was such a fun and beautiful day.

HAPPY: Can we expect more harmonies and warm electrics in your future releases? What does the future sound and instrumentation of There’s A Tuesday look like?

THERE’S A TUESDAY: You sure can! That’s become a bit of a staple for us and we feel it carries our words well. In our upcoming pieces of work, there will definitely be harmony, electrics, and all the fun stuff.


There’s A Tuesday are joining Benee on her Aotearoa tour in early 2022. In the meantime, listen to more of There’s A Tuesday below: