These Bob Dylan potato chips are confusing the shit out of people

Recently there’s been a wave of confusion online about what seems to be a Chinese brand of potato chips that is using Bob Dylan as their poster boy. The mysterious ‘snacks’ feature various shots of Dylan throughout the years on their packaging, alongside his song titles. They look like this.

bob dylan chips

Why the hell is Bob Dylan’s face on these chip packets? Why?

Unfortunately, it has now been revealed that people in China aren’t actually munching on Dylan-brand chips. In fact, perhaps more confusingly, the packets house the different editions of Bob Dylan Poetry Collection (1961–2012) – a collection of Chinese translations of Dylan’s lyrics.

According to the Chinese publisher’s website (translated from Chinese to English), the bizarre packaging “looks like a bag of potato chips in a bag, filled with lyrics set of Bob Dylan’s first Chinese version.”

The choice of potato chip bags as packing is also (sort of) clarified on the site:

“What is the most popular thing? We chose the “potato chips”. You like in the supermarket in the roar to buy a bag of potato chips, like, torn, bite open, shoot open, cut it. Hope it can go from the bookstore to the streets, appear in the subway, convenience stores, vending machines – extended into people’s lives.”


This is what the books, found inside the bags, look like.

Dylan Chips

Check out the website for yourself (of course, requires google translate if you can’t read Chinese) here.

Are you as bummed as us that people aren’t actually eating Dylan-brand chips on the other side of the world? Perhaps his Nobel Prize lecture will cheer you up.

[via Culture Creature]