Fabric London held a competition to name their adorable new office kitty and over 7000 people entered

Having housed everyone from Four Tet to Vivienne Westwood, the iconic Fabric nightclub in London has a bit of a name to live up to. The space gained a ton of international recognition last year as it became the poster child for improper venue treatment in London, losing its license for some time before finally reattaining the right to host parties.

Since opening up again, things are apparently running smoothly. So smoothly in fact, that Fabric team has been able to take on extra staff.

fabric london cat kitten moog

Meet the newest resident at Fabric nightclub in London, a little champion that fans of the iconic club were recently tasked with naming.

Any good kitty needs a good name, so the staff decided to host a little comp. Fans of the club were asked to put forward a name for the kitten, and whoever suggested the winning name would receive free entry to the venue for life.

Pretty great deal if you ask me. Over 7000 fans entered, and today a winner was chosen.

Yep, this little fluff ball will, very appropriately, be named Moog. The four other ‘finalists’ were Roland, Ricardo, Prince and Trevino.

Check out a video of Fabric’s new mascot below.

Via Fact Mag.