Think you've got Golden Ears? RØDE has a challenge for you
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Think you’ve got Golden Ears? RØDE has a challenge for you

One of the oldest truisms in the audio book reads something like, “it’s the ears, not the gear.” With the Golden Ears challenge set forth by Aussie microphone manufacturers RØDE, you can put that theory to the test.

With a set of questions, ranging from the obvious differences to splitting hairs, it’s good fun for beginners through to experts. Plus, you can win prizes!RODE Golden Ears

RØDE is using the classic A/B comparison method to see if you truly have Golden Ears. Test your listening skills and be in the running to win a VideoMic prize pack.

RØDE recommends that you pop on the cans for this challenge, and for good reason. The quiz takes you questions relating to stereo image, EQ, gain structure, right through to the subtle differences in microphone positioning. Even if you have some audio chops, you might break a sweat!

Included in the prize pool is the VideoMic Pro+ and the VideoMic Pro Stereo – ideal attachments for DSLR cameras and mobile recorders for capturing high quality audio in the field.

There’s also the Wireless GO and Lavalier GO for tracking interviews on camera. Lightweight, discrete and easy to attach.

For on-location shoots, there are also a few non-recording accessories like a windshield – for blocking out excessive wind noises, a boom pole for getting in close for crucial dialog recording and even an extension cable.

To give your ears the ultimate challenge, head over to RØDE.