This 10-hour recording of ambient icebreaker noise is better than sticking your head in the freezer at Woolies

As Sydney prepares for it’s hottest three days of the entire summer, we’ve been running through some tactics about how to cool yourself down throughout. This is by far the best yet.

The video White Noise Sounds of Frozen Arctic Ocean with Polar Icebreaker Idling – Creating Delta Waves, posted to the Youtube channel Relax Sleep ASMR, is exactly what it advertises.

Plus, at a whopping length of 10 hours, you could actually knock out an entire night’s sleep within the duration of the video. So turn your fan to max, throw off your sheets and pretend your teeth are chattering in the Arctic Circle.

icebreaker heatwave ambient recording

Say goodbye to reality and teleport yourself to the freezing, desolate arctic with this incredible, 10-hour sound clip of ambient noise recorded on an icebreaker.

While the godfather of ambient music Brian Eno may have already released an album this year (and it’s a lot longer than 10 hours), we’re willing to place this on a pedestal as the best ambient release of 2017 so far.

Sit back and relax, it ain’t gonna end anytime soon.

Via Thump.