This Detroit priest has been squirting holy water at churchgoers

A Detroit priest has shown his commitment to Easter blessings despite the coronavirus pandemic, and has now become a meme online.

Unfortunately for churchgoers, Easter had to be celebrated in quarantine this year thanks to coronavirus. However, a priest from Detroit had another idea, squirting holy water at those who wanted their Easter food blessed. Que the many forms of Twitter’s ‘holy water meme’.

The man behind the holy-act-turned-meme, Father Tim Pelc, was photographed undergoing what has been dubbed a drive-thru style blessing service” at St. Ambrose church in Michigan.

Pelc reported to Buzzfeed News that the original idea was to do something for the kids of the parish.

“They were about ready to have an Easter unlike any of their past, so I thought, what can we still do that would observe all the protocols of social distancing?” he said.

Since the images were snapped, the photos have been spreading like wildfire online, even coming face to face with the power of Photoshop. The priest has been edited into post-apocalyptic comedy Zombieland, as well as into the world of Pulp Fiction to name a few.

The 70-year-old priest has been with the parish for 40 years, and is known to be a lot of fun amongst his accepting congregation.

It was also confirmed that this was done with the go-ahead of an emergency-room doctor, informing Father Tim Pelc that this was a safe and fun way to celebrate Easter, providing the priest with the protective equipment needed to carry out the blessings.

It’s people like these that bring a smile to our faces amidst the pandemic craziness. Plus, the internet has done its job as always by providing the meme goods.