This misspelt sign has us thinking, are kids getting enough out of 'shool'?

This misspelt sign has us wondering, are kids really getting enough out of ‘shool’?

A Central Coast school has raised alarm bells with the typo to end all typos.

Perhaps it was ironic social comment on the state of the education system, or perhaps it was just an ironic demonstration of the state of the education system. Either way, it’s a little worrying.

largeOurimbah Public ‘Shool’ waited more than a year for their flashy new electronic sign to be delivered from manufacturer Signpac, costing a hefty $30,000.

“It was a simple mistake. When humans are involved, unfortunately errors can be made” a Signpac Advocate has said.

Someone needs to tell this guy about spell check. This really is the punchline to the joke that is Australia’s schooling system today.

According to the latest findings from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report, Australian students are trailing behind countries including Kazakhstan, Slovenia and Portugal.

Additional research from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) reveal that Australia sits equal 10th in science, 12th in reading and a staggering 20th in maths. That doesn’t add up, does it?

We are getting worse at preparing kids for the everyday challenges of adult life”, Australian Council for Educational Research’s Sue Thomson said.

The fool behind this “Shool” fiasco has got everyone in a state of intellectual paranoia and angst.

That means it’s time for….