This vest grows a wearable garden using your own piss

Today in the weird and ecologically wonderful… a self-sustaining garden you can wear as a vest and water with your own piss.

Aroussiak Gabrielian is the designer behind this particularly striking creation, which is currently on display in Beijing as part of an exhibition named human (un)limited. The project itself is titled Posthuman Habitats. 

garden vest Roma Altrosazio Aroussiak Gabrielian
Photo: Roma Altrosazio

Ever wanted a piss garden that you could wear as a vest? Neither did I, but the world has gone and coughed one up anyway.

While the vest currently sits very much in the realms of an art and design project, the genesis of Gabrielian’s idea came in the breakdown of our environment due to climate change. In a future where soil is infertile and people are forced to become nomadic, her vest is designed to provide sustenance on the move.

Technically, Gabriellan’s creation relies on a soilless system developed by Patrick Blanc, which is currently used throughout the world in creating vertical gardens on the outside of and within buildings.

The vest also employs a catheter system developed by NASA and currently used in space. Yes, your urine waters the crops, which you eventually eat.

Find out more about Posthuman Habitats here.