Thousands of unseen Warhol photographs to be made public; check them out

Thousands of previously unseen Andy Warhol contact sheets and photographs are set to be made public this September.

With material dating from 1976 to his death in 1987, this mammoth new collection documents the final years of the iconic artist’s life.

The Andy Warhol Foundation, via Another Man Mag. Photos by Andy Warhol

Thousands of unpublished Andy Warhol pictures are set to be made public this year, with portraits of Debbie Harry, John Lennon, Michael Basquiat, and more.

The visual diary will feature portraits of Warhol’s insane list of friends, including John Lennon, Michel Basquiat, and Michael Jackson.

Titled Contact Warhol: Photography Without End, the new series was headed by Stanford University art professors Peggy Phelan and Richard Meyer, who collected over 3,600 contact sheets from the Andy Warhol Foundation.

The unpublished photographs will be featured in an art exhibition, an upcoming book, and an online digital archive scheduled to be online by the end of the year.

The contact sheets not only offer new and important insights about Warhol’s life and work, they also help clarify issues surrounding what motivated and preoccupied him during the last decade of his life,” Meyer told Guardian.

While he often asserted that his art could be made by anyone, the contact sheets make clear the depth and range of Warhol’s artistic power.”

See some of the images below.

[via The Guardian / Another Man Mag]