Money has a secret sauce and its called Thriday

Thriday, loves entrepreneurs aka ‘creators of all the cool shit’ as much as we do.

Thriday has shared a survey highlighting how crap small biz can be, and we gotta say they are really proving their mustard, by stepping up and freezing its subscription fees.

In a recent survey of small businesses down under, Thriday, our fav little accounting platform, uncovered a real symphony of struggles for all us entrepreneurs, creators of all the cool shit, that quite frankly, makes this world so freaking great.


Out of 200 Australian entrepreneurs, over 60% admitted they’re practically tap dancing to pay their bills for essentials, thanks to the rising costs hitting them like an offbeat drumline. Sure, it seems like it de rigueur to be a struggling musician, artist, or over all genius creator but it doesn’t have to be.

As inflation cranks up the volume worldwide, Australian small businesses are front and center, dealing with sky-high costs and the eternal conundrum of staffing. It’s like they’re trying to play a tune with a broken fiddle, improvising and hoping for the best.

Thriday’s survey paints a vivid picture of the highs and lows these businesses are facing. A whopping 92% predict this high-cost jam will last for another year, while over 60% say their costs have skyrocketed by at least 10% in the last year. Meanwhile, 42% are watching their profits do a vanishing act, disappearing into thin air.


In a move that’s cooler than a jazzy sax solo, Thriday is freezing its subscription fees. While the competition keeps upping up the price, Thriday’s keeping it cool, standing as a beacon of support for these plucky entrepreneurs.

Michael Nuciforo, Thriday’s CEO, shares, “In these trying times, our collective responsibility is to support and uplift one another. Thriday’s dedication to helping small businesses ‘thrive every day’ goes beyond providing software – it’s about fostering a community of small businesses who are resilient, innovative, and unwavering in their pursuit of success.”

Agreed, because we are all in this band called life together. Thriday is more than just software, it’s about building a community of businesses that are rock solid, inventive, and resolute in their pursuit of success.

Thriday is the backstage pass that small businesses need to rock on through these challenging times, because lets face it, that even in the face of rising costs, the show must go on!

For more info head over the the legends website to see for yourself, how Thriday can improve your finances.