Tigerlily slams the sleaze bags who posted nudes of her, maintains women need to be proud of their bodies

Australian DJ Tigerlily has spewed hot fire on the anonymous persons who posted a new nude image of her online. Taking to her Facebook page, the musician posted a very powerful message about sexual violation and taking pride in one’s body.


Tigerlily, whose real name is Dara Hayes, had a video ripped from her Snapchat which was then edited and re-posted without her consent. Speaking to Hayes said the video was filmed in a hotel room in Munich by her female tour manager about three weeks ago. “I’d just taken a shower and I put on the white hotel robe. She filmed a Snapchat video on her phone” Hayes said. “We were having a bit of a laugh and being silly and I flashed her.

She edited the video before she uploaded it. She made it black and white and then sped it up, so the Snapchat was only about two seconds in length, because it was going so fast. She covered my private parts with emojis and squiggles. You couldn’t see anything. She showed it to me, I had a laugh about it and I said it was fine for her to post it. I didn’t think twice about it,” she said.

Hayes says that a group who had been “trying to find nude photos of me for about 12 months” used an editing app to remove the censoring and slowed the video down, posting the nude image of her to a blog site.

The type of content on that blog is insane. They have Snapchats of mine from years ago where they’ve zoomed in on bikini shots and posted photos of other women with blue hair who are naked. I have absolutely no idea who posted it. It’s obviously someone who follows my tour manager on Snapchat.”


By no means should anyone be made to feel violated like this. Though some commenters have said not to post images like the original in the first place, Hayes is completely correct on her stance of being proud of one’s body. If anyone thinks that sharing nude images of anyone is decent behaviour, then pull your head in you dickhead.