TikTok comedian correctly predicts daily case numbers five times in a row

TikTok’s “People’s Premier” reveals how he successfully predicted NSW coronavirus numbers for five days in a row.

TikTok comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz has proclaimed himself “the People’s Premier” after going viral for correctly predicting the number of coronavirus cases in NSW, hours before the Premier’s daily announcement.

In an interview with Channel 10’s The Sunday Project, Kairouz denied having inside information. Instead, he asserted that “it comes down to simple math“.

Image: AAP

My brother and I have spent a lot of time and effort on algorithms. It’s all about math”, he added.

Kairouz’s TikTok bio describes him as an actor and comedian, and much of his presence on the app seems to be in jest.

Speaking to Sunrise on Friday morning, he joked that one of the “factors” in his calculations is that “when I was younger, I had a crayon lodged in my brain and once I had that removed, my IQ went up 50 points“.

Kairouz currently boasts over 300,000 followers on TikTok, and his most recent video received over 150,000 likes.

Although Kairouz has been active on TikTok for a year, it is his recent predictions that have dramatically grown his audience.

I’m having a ball. I’ve been creating content on Instagram and TikTok for just about a year now. And to get a sudden, grow exponentially on the social platforms has been really fun and it’s been a whirlwind of a week,” he said.

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On Friday, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was asked whether she was concerned about Kairouz potentially having an insider connection. “All we can do is focus on the job at hand,” she replied.

I know at the moment a lot of people have, or (are) alleged to have, various bits of information and advice but what is important for us as a team – team New South Wales – is to focus on what is necessary and that is to lead our state during the most challenging of times.

Unfortunately, Kairouz broke his streak and guessed today’s case numbers incorrectly.

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