Tiny Ruins

Hollie Fullbrook has a really sweet voice. I wish I had something clever or informed to say about it – I honestly couldn’t intelligently form any opinion on who or what her voice sounds like. It reminds me of old records my parents never played me because I was born in the 1990’s. Is it Blues? Is it R&B? Is it Jazz? What is singing? All I can say is that the vox on Haunts might be the most disarming, siren-like sound you’ll hear today, perhaps even all week. If you’re a fan of getting shivers up your spine and feel like some relaxing winter lake music (in the middle of February), give Tiny Ruins’ EP a spin or two. Brrrrrrrr.

tiny ruins

Haunts is the third release from Hollie’s solo project turned three piece band, a collection of older songs and b-sides from the group’s celebrated debut Some Were Meant For The Sea way back in 2011. The group recently returned from the USA via Australia to support Calexico, having also supported big names such as Beach House and Fleet Foxes. Currently signed to Spunk records, the trio are set to release a second full length LP on April 28th this year, along with a headline tour over here.

Cold Comfort and North Of Greytown have a neo-classical feel to them, similar to the strange, mythical vernacular of Augie March. It’s music that belies an education or deep interest in classical literature, yet all you’ll need is two ears and a warm beverage to appreciate it. The instrumentation certainly takes the back seat on all six tracks of the EP, but a special mention must go to the piano on Rolling Mill Blues, a Peg Leg Howell cover. It’s sparse, simple, yet brings a fullness to the moody tunes that might be missing in the other tracks. What’s more, the songs were all recorded live in the bush surroundings of the Waipu Gorge on an 8-track tape machine – really incredible when you consider how tight and highly polished the whole affair sounds.

Haunts is available on iTunes, Spunk and Bandcamp – stay tuned for a single or two from Hollie + Co’s upcoming sophomore LP Brightly Painted One in April.

ALSO – Yes, David Lynch.



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