Sometimes on particularly sorrowful, jaded days, I find myself slightly sick of all the garage rock stoner boys, indie pop cardigan wearers, and dark, Grimes-eque electronic beatmakers that seem to dominate the current independent music scene. I yearn for the days of 2004, when I’d stroll to school with my discman and shitty headphones, pumping Biggie, Tupac and other, less respected hip hop musicians (anyone remember Mario…?).


On days like these, I listen to @Peace – the Auckland based hip-hop group who strike a chord in the heart of my fourteen year old self. They’re by no means throwback, but I have not listened to this kind of hip-hop in a very long time. With a jungle drum, a bass breakdown and chime bells attached, their track Cake, from EP Girl Songs is worth it’s weight in gold, with lyrics that refer to TIGERRR WOOOOOODS. My favourite, though, is Fleas On A Dog, whose tight rap is backed by a beat with an unexpected amount of ambience.

I reckon @Peace would put on a killer live show… Just gotta dig out my gold hoops…



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