Tired of the same old psych? Orchestra of Spheres have taken the genre to a whole new level of weird

As well as having one of the best band names in recent memory, Orchestra of Spheres also have one of the most unique sounds we’ve heard in quite a while. Now, in the Garage-Psych-Guitar-Pop scene that is absolutely bursting at the seams of late, that’s really quite a feat. The band is groovy, energetic, intricate and has an appropriate dosage of peculiarity, allowing them to stand out from the pack.


It’s not every day you stumble upon something you’ve not heard before, especially in the psych genre, but Orchestra of Spheres are unique and brilliant

Anklung Song, the latest single taken from their upcoming record Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon (yeah I know, that’s a fucking cool album title), reveals a band in fine form. The septet, through an instrumental piece, have found a beautiful balance between what feels like vast soundscapes and a tight groove.

Moments of quiet are quickly succeeded by bursts of noise; guitar licks drive while a variety of sounds eerily float in and out as the track moves and swerves to its own unique beat. It’s almost as if the single is carrying the band, rather than the other way around; an indication and insight into how these artists create.

It’s music made for the foreground, whether that’s at a rainforest dance party or in your headphones on your preferred method of public transport.

While they don’t generally associate themselves with politics, the band recently stated that the song was birthed out of a general disdain they felt towards New Zealand’s 2015 general election, calling it a “somewhat depressing time.” I’m sure most Australians relate to this right now, regardless of which party they vote for.

It may not be an in-your-face (a la Rage Against The Machine) political statement, but it truly is something quite special. To be able to turn the overbearingly tiresome charade that is modern politics into something stunning, engaging and borderless, is an art-form in itself.

“We’re not a political band. We want to make beautiful things and give love to people through sound. Our music bounces off the ground and goes up into the air – but we’re living in dark times.”

Keep this one in the bag for that pre-vote hangover/sausage sizzle and make sure you keep an eye on Orchestra of Sphere’s Facebook for news on their new album Brothers and Sisters of the Black Lagoon (so good) as well as information on live dates.

This is a band too unique to miss.

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