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Tobi Tobi melt hearts on their debut single Ice & Rum

Been missing a touch of romance in your life? Tobi Tobi’s debut single Ice & Rum will fix you up quick smart.

The duo, comprised of singer and guitarist Renee Anderson and her lover Jamie Barlow on double bass, have collectively spent years amongst the gigging circuit in one way or another, from past projects to the current setup. Today they elevate Tobi Tobi to the big leagues with a statement debut track.

tobi tobi

Wedding bells are ringing for Tobi Tobi as they release Ice & Rum, the debut single from this romantic two-piece.

Ice & Rum echoes Lisa Mitchell or Lior with its soft instrumental lines, intimate lyricism, and a quivering vocal performance from Anderson. It’s a tune you can imagine soundtracking a first dance, a bittersweet goodbye, or a date with the sunset.

It’s the first taste of more to come from the pair, who have been spending their time between live bookings writing a suite of original songs together.

Anderson and Barlow have been making music together since Anderson left her posting at Universal Music many years ago. For some time they enjoyed  playing as Private Life or PL, an act who supported Garbage and Owl Eyes on their respective national tours.

But now Tobi Tobi is the aim of their game; they’ll travel, play music, and continue to push their symbiotic creative relationship as far as it will go. Keep an eye out for more to come from this passionate pair.


Ice & Rum is out now.


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June 13, 2019