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Nice guy Tom Hanks tells fans to “back the f**k off”

Beloved US actor Tom Hanks shocked many when he unleashed his rage at fans after they bumped into his wife.

Footage of Tom Hanks swearing at swarming fans is circulating online and people are shocked to see America’s ‘nice guy’ enraged.

Tom Hanks told fans to “back the f**k off” after they bumped into his wife Rita Wilson and caused her to trip over.

tom hanks rita wilson
Credit: NBC

Many have taken to Twitter to respond to the incident saying Hanks was simply acting like a “normal human being”.

The video shows a security guard clearing the way for Hanks and Wilson to walk through a crowd as they left a restaurant.

As members of the crows tried to take selfies with the celebrity couple one accidentally pushed another and Wilson turned to the fans, telling one to “stop it” before tripping over.

Hanks then put his hands in the air and yelled: “[That is] my wife, back the fuck off. [You’re] knocking over my wife.”

One of the fans then immediately apologised… to Tom, not Rita, saying: “Sorry about that, Tom.”

Tom Hanks has since been asked for a comment on the incident but his representatives have remained quiet. Sounds fair enough to me.

Watch the full video below.