Let your hair out, Trent Worley has served another EP of good ol’ Aussie pub rock

Aussie pub rock vibes and cheeky comical lyrics are coming your way, courtesy of Trent Worley.

The Adelaide-based singer uses songwriting as catharsis, weaving his unbridled subconscious lyrical flow around classic Aussie rock chords and melodies. His lyrics have been receiving high praise over the past years for being well-crafted and meaningful, with the songs on Mind in Bind being no exception.

Trent Worley mind in bind
Photo: Facebook

Trent Worley is serving up some good ol’ Aussie pub rock goodness in his latest EP Mind in Bind.

Mind in Bind is a collection of Worley’s social commentary, woven up into a bite-sized package which opens with fuzzy guitars, intoxicating bass lines, and driving rock kits.

The story begins with Another Draught, a tale of forgetting about the struggles of shitty daily life and protesting reality. It’s the bass in this song that really straps you in for the ride, before releasing us in time for the more acoustic ballad Love is Love.

Love is Love explores the power of connection and the pain of waiting for it, featuring driving guitar riffs in tasty layers. There’s a really open vulnerability in this song that alludes to Worley’s country influences and provides a nice breath between the aggression of the other songs.

I Didn’t Listen brings the punch back with energetic riffs and the return of some rhythmic bass. Worley experiments with different vocal techniques in this tune, conveying a further depth of emotion that adds to the excitement. This flows on well to the more psychedelic feel of the finale Time in Change, where nothing gets held back.

Next time you feel like a parma, make sure you’re listening to Trent Worley.