Trey Cooper drops live version of Embrace, and shares his 5 favourite live performances of all time

A few weeks back we came across the debut single from Trey Cooper, a stunning and ephemeral cut named Embrace.

Today, we’re stoked to share the latest output from the 19-year-old artist, an acoustic live recording of the track that pricked up our ears so quickly. Unhinged from the tune’s production, Cooper voice soars even higher than before, and he truly gives it his all.

To honour the release, we reached out to Cooper for a little background. Turns out, he’s a huge fan of live performances, and the insight they can give us into an artist’s practices. He shared with us five of his favourite ever – find out what they were below the break.

trey cooper embrace live acoustic studio video

“The hardest thing I found was trying to put these in order, they are all so equally beautiful and the ‘emotion’ is the main thing that helps drive them for me. You may notice that is a reoccurring theme!”

1. Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin (from Live at Chicago)

If pure emotion and honesty were to be represented in music, Jeff’s work would be the definition of that. Of all his collections, Mojo Pin is a song that I connect with most, it has such a wide dynamic.

He is so locked into the moment and it’s one of those things where you have to let it take its course. You don’t need to necessarily understand it, just feel it.

2. Ed Sheeran – Give Me Love (captured in the live room)

There has always been something about Ed Sheeran that has made it seem so possible to aim and achieve high, maybe it’s his everyday appearance and relatability. I remember my best mate Mitch and myself really dug into this for a long time.

It has to be one of the most emotional and and energetic of his performances to date. There’s nothing better than listening to someone who clearly has so much confidence in how ‘the moment’ will play out.

3. Matt Corby – Brother (live on triple j)

Matt Corby is such a deep soul and seems to be so humble in the way he presents himself. This live version of Brother is one of my favourites because he is carrying everything with his emotion and his vocals, even his guitar playing reflects it.

The unleash in the bridge is a massive moment. It’s very confronting in the way that it prompts a surge of all of your emotions at once, but once you get a chance to catch your breath, it’s the most fulfilling feeling. It’s like getting everything off of your chest, but in the form of poetry.

A poetic purge!

4. Scott Matthews – Eyes Wider Than Before (live in Paris, 2009)

I came across Scott Matthews when I was really invested in Patrick Watson, it was one of those things where the Recommended bar of YouTube does you a massive favour and you feel like you owe it. He has such a depth and an understanding for music and every lyric that comes out of his mouth is never wasted.

I can’t help but notice the pain in his eyes when he sings this song, how he transitions from speaking to playing and sits so deep inside his emotion the whole way through. Eyes Wider Than Before and Ballerina Lake are songs I probably played 100 times a day, in a period where my short life so far was at its lowest.

I hope that isn’t a bad thing. These songs are just so beautiful and they’ve had the ability to take my mind away to a better place, even for a split second. I’ve been so grateful. (That goes for every song on this list to be honest)

5. Nothing But Thieves – If I Get High (live session)

This still has to be one of my favourite live sessions from Nothing But Thieves. The musicianship supports the purity of the vocals in this live video and it’s got the ability to build and release so much tension the whole way through, for me the hallmark of great music.

Each lyric and chord they deliver is something that they are really throwing themselves into and it all works so well, his vocal elasticity and power is something I can never fully get my head around. I really admire it. I’m so glad I’ve been on board with them since the start of their journey and would love to see the guys play live one day.


Embrace by Trey Cooper is out now.