Small band? The Victorian Government just pledged $22.2 million in support of disadvantaged acts

Melbourne’s thriving music scene is about to receive a major injection of Government funds, to the tune of $22.2 million in the coming months.

The Minister for Creative Industries, Martin Foley, announced the fund boost alongside other delicious music industry enhancements as part of the Music Works package. The government package is comprised of the new Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO), The Music Market, and the Support Acts for the Big Names campaign.

polish club the james adams
Photo: The James Adams

The money will be used to establish a new music development office tasked with industry research, free events, global marketing campaigns for Victorian acts and music business development services.

Foley says the new package is “all about taking Victorian music to the next level – by backing our industry’s best and brightest and inspiring the artists of tomorrow”.

The Support Acts for the Big Names Campaign is a very interesting initiative, and one that both upcoming bands and ‘big names’ can identify with, having battled through the hard slog of getting on bills in their infancy. The campaign seeks to focus on increasing live music opportunities for “First Peoples, women, and under-represented artists by encouraging promoters to book these acts as support to larger musicians”.

Just when you thought live music in Melbourne couldn’t get any better they pull this shit, come on Sydney, pull your finger out.

Oh and if you reckon you’ve got the chops and want to be a part of the VMDO, they are looking for a General Manager.

Via Music Feeds.