PREMIERE: Dumbleachers’ new video Nothing is total, unhinged madness

Jesus. Alright look, if you’re over here seeking out some nice, pretty, light-hearted content; I urge you to look elsewhere. Dumbleachers have no time for that shit.

With their new video Nothing, Dumbleachers are here to flat-out kick you in the nose with their spectacularly fuzzed-out guitars, blistering vocals, and batshit insane visuals.

Equal parts terrifying and loveable, Dumbleachers’ new video Nothing is an all-out assault of frenzied, crunching noise-rock.

Formerly known as moistoyster, the Fremantle-based four-piece are fresh off a name change and appear to have kicked the craziness up a notch. No complaints here.

Throughout this journey of a music video, you’ll experience band members hanging from trees, bleeding in bathtubs, spewing on one another, dancing around the beach in angel costumes, and a whole lot of other demented scenes. It’s goddamn terrifying.

The track itself is punchy, addictive and hard-hitting, like the band are spitting acid with every line. “You lose. You’re dead. You’re fucked. You get nothing,” they howl.

The band themselves handled everything on this one, from producing and mixing the track to shooting and editing the clip. It holds true to the energetic, DIY spirit of the song.

Nothing will feature on Dumbleachers’ debut album, which is set to be released at some undetermined point later in the year. Assuming the record will pack more of the insanity we’ve been given here… I can’t wait.